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Effectiveness of the Lanzhou lamb rotavirus vaccine against gastroenteritis among children.
The Lanzhou lamb rotavirus (LLR) vaccine has been in use in China since 2000. This study evaluated this vaccine's effectiveness using a case-control design in Guangzhou. In the study area, there wereExpand
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Meteorological factors and risk of scrub typhus in Guangzhou, southern China, 2006–2012
BackgroundScrub typhus is becoming the most common vector born disease in Guangzhou, southern China. In this study, we aimed to examine the effect of weather patterns on the incidence of Scrub typhusExpand
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The relationship between meteorological factors and mumps incidence in Guangzhou, China, 2005–2012:
Background Over the past decade, there have been resurgences and large-scale outbreaks of mumps worldwide. Little evidence is available on the relationship between meteorological factors and theExpand
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Electroacupuncture and lumbar transplant of GDNF-secreting fibroblasts synergistically attenuate hyperalgesia after sciatic nerve constriction.
Electroacupuncture (EA) has been shown to induce potent analgesic effects on neuropathic pain in both patients and rodents. Cell therapy to release antinociceptive agents near the pain processingExpand
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Mycobacterium abscessus post-injection abscesses from extrinsic contamination of multiple-dose bottles of normal saline in a rural clinic.
BACKGROUND We investigated an outbreak of gluteal abscesses following intramuscular (IM) injections given at a clinic in rural China to identify the causative agent, source, and method of exposure.Expand
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Size-dependent transport and retention of micron-sized plastic spheres in natural sand saturated with seawater.
A series of one-dimensional column experiments were conducted to investigate the transport and retention of micron-sized plastic spheres (MPs) with diameters of 0.1-2.0 μm in seawater-saturated sand.Expand
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Seasonal Influenza Vaccine Effectiveness among Children Aged 6 to 59 Months in Southern China
In China the protective effect of seasonal influenza vaccine has only been assessed in controlled clinical trials and proven to be highly effective. However, the post-licensure effectiveness ofExpand
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The effects of weather conditions on measles incidence in Guangzhou, Southern China
Background: Few studies were conducted to examine the effects of weather conditions on the incidence of measles. Methods: We used a distributed lag non-linear model (DLNM) to analyze the relationshipExpand
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Effectiveness of seasonal influenza vaccine against clinically diagnosed influenza over 2 consecutive seasons in children in Guangzhou, China
Influenza vaccine has to be reformulated each year due to the ever-changing antigenicity of the influenza virus. However, few post-licensure studies of influenza vaccine are available in China. WeExpand
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Measles epidemic from 1951 to 2012 and vaccine effectiveness in Guangzhou, Southern China
Background Since the National Expanded Program on Immunization was implemented in China, considerable progress has been made in reducing the incidence of measles. However, the incidence of measlesExpand
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