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Butyrate reduced lipopolysaccharide-mediated macrophage migration by suppression of Src enhancement and focal adhesion kinase activity.
  • M. Maa, M. Chang, +7 authors T. Leu
  • Biology, Medicine
  • The Journal of nutritional biochemistry
  • 1 December 2010
Macrophage motility is vital in innate immunity. Lipopolysaccharide (LPS)-mediated macrophage migration requires the enhancement of Src expression and enzymatic activity, which can be regulated byExpand
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Fungi Genus and Concentration in the Air of Onion Fields and Their Opportunistic Action Related to Mycotic Keratitis
Abstract The authors determined fungi concentrations and genera from onion fields located in monsoon and nonmonsoon areas of Taiwan, as well as concentrations from a county housing location, whichExpand
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Tricholoma Titans, a New Record for Taiwan
A description and illustrations of Tricholoma titans, a species newly recorded from Taiwan, based on a collection from Hsinshe are discussed. T. giganteum is considered to be similar to T. titans butExpand
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Heat shock proteins of thermophilic and thermotolerant fungi from Taiwan
Fifteen species of thermophilic and four species of thermotolerant fungi were isolated from soil samples collected at various localities in Taiwan. Fourteen species and three strains responded toExpand
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The Endogonaceae of Taiwan I. A Preliminary Investigation on Endogonaceae of Bamboo Vegetation at Chi-Tou Areas, Central Taiwan
In this investigation, 14 species are discovered, namely *Acaulospora foveata Trappe & Janos, A. laevis Gerdemann & Trappe, A. scrobiculata Trappe, A. trappei Ames & Linderman, *EntrophosporaExpand
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Pleurovularia, a new genus of hyphomycetes proposed for a parasite on leaves of Microstegium sp. (Poaceae)
Abstract The hyphomycete Ovularia polliniae, formerly excluded from Ramularia and allied genera and tentatively considered as related to Beniowskia sphaeroidea, was recently collected on leaves ofExpand
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Tremella occultifuroidea sp. nov., a new mycoparasite ofDacrymyces
Tremella occultifuroidea, a new parasite of dacrymycetaceous fungi is described. It differs from knownTremella parasites in dacrymycetaceous hosts by thick-walled dikaryotic conidia, terminally andExpand
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The Endogonaceae of Taiwan II. Two New Species of Sclerocystis from Taiwan
Two species of Sclerocystis, Endogonaceae, i.e., Sclerocystis liquidambaris Wu et Chen isolated from the rhizosphere of Liquidambar formosana Hance and Scelerocystis taiwanensis Wu et Chen isolatedExpand
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Mycogloea nipponica - the first known teleomorph in the heterobasidiomycetous yeast genus Kurtzmanomyces
A culture was obtained from a spore print of a basidiocarp of Mycogloea nipponica collected in Taiwan. A yeast stage and basidia identical to those of M. nipponica developed in laboratory media. TheExpand
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