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LncRNA NEAT1 promotes autophagy in MPTP-induced Parkinson's disease through stabilizing PINK1 protein.
BACKGROUND Long non-coding RNA nuclear paraspeckle assembly transcript 1 (lncRNA NEAT1) was found to be closely related to the pathological changes in brain and nervous system. However, the role ofExpand
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BMP2 promotes the differentiation of neural stem cells into dopaminergic neurons in vitro via miR-145-mediated upregulation of Nurr1 expression.
BACKGROUND Neural stem cells (NSCs) are pluripotent and self-renewing cells which could differentiate into diverse types of neural cells, such as dopaminergic (DA) neurons, the loss of which is theExpand
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Atomic and Molecular Chemisorption of Oxygen in WO4 Clusters
Density functional theory (DFT) calculations were performed to study the monotungsten-oxide WO4 cluster in the anionic and neutral charge states. The results show the two most stable WO4 isomers haveExpand
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Fostering the Autonomous Learning Ability of the Students Under the Multimedia Teaching Environment
This chapter discuss the importance about how to foster the autonomous learning ability of the students under the multimedia teaching environment. Expand
The investigation on the band structures of the anions of Mo2S4(i-mnt)(2)(Et4N)(2) and (Et4N)(3)K[Mo2S4(i-mnt)(2)](2)[i-mnt=S2C(CN)(2-)] complexes
The anions of complexes Mo2S4(i - mnt)2(Et4N)2 and (Et4N)3K[Mo2S4(i - mnt)2]2[i - mnt = S2C(CN)2-] form special chains in the crystals. In this paper, their band structures have been studied by usingExpand
The enrichment characteristics and geological controlling factors of coalbed methane occurrence in Laochang area, Yunnan Province
The enriched characters of methane content in the main coal seam of Yunnan’s Laochang coal mine was analyzed through combined with the geologic conditions of the research area: structure type,Expand
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Experimental study of the effects of fine retention on fracturing proppant permeability in coalbed methane reservoirs
Abstract Hydraulic fracturing with proppants is the key technology in developing coalbed methane (CBM) reservoirs. However, coal fine retention in the fracturing proppant will directly affect itsExpand
The electronic and magnetic properties of Na0.5CoO2 are studied within the hybrid density functional methods. A charge-ordered antiferromagnetic insulating state is unambiguously identified as theExpand