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Fracture risk increases after diagnosis of breast or other cancers in postmenopausal women: results from the Women’s Health Initiative
SummaryRisk for falls and fractures increases after breast cancer or other cancer diagnosis in postmenopausal women. Factors other than falls may be the major causes for the increased fractureExpand
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Baseline serum estradiol and fracture reduction during treatment with hormone therapy: The Women's Health Initiative randomized trial
IntroductionThe purpose of the study was to test the hypothesis that the reduction in fractures with hormone therapy (HT) is greater in women with lower estradiol levels.MethodsWe conducted a nestedExpand
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Incident atrial fibrillation and the risk of fracture in the cardiovascular health study
SummaryIn this prospective cohort of 4462 older adults, incident atrial fibrillation (AF) was not statistically significantly associated with subsequent risk of incident fracture.IntroductionAF isExpand
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An analysis of the effects of sulphur content and potential on corrosion fatigue crack growth in reactor pressure vessel steels
Abstract The present work characterizes the effects of sulphur content and applied potential on the corrosion fatigue crack propagation rate in nuclear reactor pressure vessel steels. The data forExpand
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Gout as a risk factor for osteoporosis: epidemiologic evidence from a population-based longitudinal study involving 108,060 individuals
SummaryIs gout a risk factor for future osteoporosis? This large population-based study comprising two matched groups of individuals with and without gout demonstrates that patients with gout have aExpand
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Multishock comparison of dense gaseous H2 + He mixtures up to 30 GPa.
Time-resolved spectral radiation histories of the gaseous H(2) + He mixtures under shock loadings were measured by using a six-wavelength channel pyrometer. The initial gaseous mixtures had a moleExpand
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Steady-state populations of a driven three-level atom in a broad-band squeezed vacuum
Abstract:A theoretical study is made of the steady-state populations of a three-level atom in a ladder configuration, driven by a superposition of a monochromatic laser wave with a broad-bandExpand
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LncRNA HOST2 enhances gefitinib-resistance in non-small cell lung cancer by down-regulating miRNA-621.
OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to clarify whether long non-coding RNA (lncRNA) human ovarian cancer-specific transcript 2 (HOST2) could enhance gefitinib-resistance in non-small cell lung cancerExpand
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Quantum Quench and Nonequilibrium Dynamics in Lattice-Confined Spinor Condensates.
We present an experimental study on nonequilibrium dynamics of a spinor condensate after it is quenched across a superfluid to Mott insulator (MI) phase transition in cubic lattices. IntricateExpand
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The Size of Narrow Line Region and [OIII] Luminosity Analyzed from SDSS DR7 Quasar Catalogue
Abstract.In this work, we constructed a sample of 4002 quasars from SDSS DR7 quasar catalogue to calculate the electron density and size of narrow line region. We find that the electron densities areExpand