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Palmitate uptake by cultured hepatocytes: albumin binding and stagnant layer phenomena.
We compared uptake of palmitate by hepatocyte monolayers with uptake by polyethylene membranes under conditions of identical binding and stirring. Hepatocytes and polyethylene display similarExpand
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Beta-lactoglobulin enhances the uptake of free palmitate by hepatocyte monolayers: the relative importance of diffusion and facilitated dissociation.
We compared the uptake of bound palmitate by rat hepatocytes to its uptake by polyethylene using beta-lactoglobulin (BLG) as the binding protein. The experiments were designed to supply a directExpand
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Is there a Brachyury the Second? Analysis of a transgenic mutation involved in notochord maintenance in mice.
A new phenotype mapping to the t-complex, which is designated Brachyury the Second (T2), is characterized by a slightly shortened tail in heterozygotes and homozygous failure to form an organizedExpand
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Palmitate uptake by hepatocyte suspensions: effect of albumin.
The clearance ratio test has been used to determine whether hepatocytes isolated from female rat livers facilitate the dissociation rate of albumin-palmitate complexes. This test requires knowledgeExpand
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On the design and interpretation of experiments to elucidate albumin-dependent hepatic uptake.
The liver's apparently anomalous extraction of organic anions tightly bound to albumin continues to provoke controversy and confusion. Decisive experiments have proved difficult to design, andExpand
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The ins and outs of albumin-dependent hepatic uptake.
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Palmitate uptake by cardiac myocytes and endothelial cells.
The mechanisms regulating the cellular uptake of long-chain fatty acids are poorly understood. Although there is evidence that hepatocytes facilitate the uptake of ligands from the protein-boundExpand
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Facilitated dissociation of albumin-fatty acid complexes by rat hepatocytes.
Experiments were conducted comparing palmitate clearance by hepatocyte monolayers, polyethylene and that predicted by the diffusion-reaction model. The objective was to learn whether theExpand
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Uptake of organic anions by hepatocyte monolayers: codiffusion versus facilitated dissociation.
We used the clearance ratio test to determine whether the presence of albumin enhances the uptake of palmitate by hepatocyte monolayers. If uptake is facilitated, then the ratio of palmitateExpand
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Intralobular zonal heterogeneity and hepatic indicator dilution curves.
Conventional interpretation of hepatic indicator dilution curves rests on the assumption, among others, that every hepatocyte operates with the same rate constants. When this assumption is false,Expand
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