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Gamma Radiation Effects on Mechanical Properties of Carbon/Epoxy Composites
Unidirectional and angle-ply carbon/epoxy laminates were gamma irradiated up to doses of 12 and 20 MGy. Composites with two different, low and high temperature epoxy matrices have been submitted toExpand
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Notch fracture toughness of high-strength Al alloys
Abstract In this study, the notch fracture toughness ( NFT ) of high-strength Al alloys was examined by a non-standardized procedure. The NFT is defined as the critical notch stress-intensity factorExpand
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Characterisation of High-Carbon Steel Surface Welded Layer
In this paper microstructural and mechanical properties of high-carbon steel surface welded layer, obtained with self-shielded flux cored wire, are presented in the case of a standard rails andExpand
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Many of modern technologies require materials with unusual combinations of properties that cannot be met by the conventional metal alloys, ceramics, and polymeric materials. Material propertyExpand
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Influence of notch radius and microstructure on the fracture behavior of Al–Zn–Mg–Cu alloys of different purity
Abstract The influence of notch radius on the fracture behavior of two high-strength Al–Zn–Mg–Cu alloys with different Fe content in the T73 condition was investigated. The fracture toughness testsExpand
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Influence of temperature on fracture toughness values in different regions of A-387 Gr. B welded joint
Abstract The influence of temperature on fracture toughness values in different regions of a welded joint is analysed low-alloyed Cr-Mo steel A-387 Gr. B, designed for high temperature applications.Expand
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Static and impact crack properties of a high-strength steel welded joint
Abstract In order to gain the benefits of weldable high-strength steels in pressurized equipment applications, satisfactory toughness and crack properties of the welded joint, both in the weld metalExpand
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Experimental Investigation of High-Strength Structural Steel Welds
Material's toughness become more significant material mechanical property, as well as design variable, with recent advances of fracture mechanics understanding. Also, toughness is particularlyExpand
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Fracture mechanics and fatigue crack propagation in armor steel welds
Abstract The welding process of armor steel is a complex process due to possible welding faults appearing in all zones of weld metal joint in the form of cracks and pores, as results of highExpand
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