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Hatching success of ostrich eggs in relation to setting, turning and angle of rotation
1. Three trials were designed to study the effects of axis of setting, turning frequency and axis and angle of rotation on the hatching success of ostrich eggs. The joint effects of axis of settingExpand
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(Co)variances for reproduction, egg weight and chick weight in ostriches
The study investigated genetic parameters for egg and chick production recorded over an 8-month breeding season, as well as average egg and chick weight for pair-bred ostrich females. Estimates of h²Expand
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Direct responses in breeding values to selection of ostriches for liveweight and reproduction
Estimates of genetic parameters and genetic trends for reproductive traits and for liveweight at the commencement of breeding were obtained using data from a pair-mated ostrich flock located atExpand
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Factors related to high levels of ostrich chick mortality from hatching to 90 days of age in an intensive rearing system.
Ostrich chick mortality was studied in 2522 chicks that were hatched artificially during the 1999/2000 breeding season. High levels of mortality were observed, with 1978 (78.4 %) of these chicksExpand
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Genetic relationships between water loss and shell deaths in ostrich eggs, assessed as traits of the female
The ostrich industry suffers from a high rate of embryonic mortality during artificial incubation of eggs. Data from 34285 eggs were used to derive 969 female-year records for evaporative water lossExpand
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The effect of dietary energy and protein (amino acid) concentrations on the end products of slaughter ostriches
This study was performed to determine the effect of dietary energy concentrations (7.5, 9.5 and 11.5 MJ ME/kg feed) and dietary protein concentrations (80, 100, 120, 140 and 160 g protein/kg feed)Expand
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Variance components for live weight, body measurements and reproductive traits of pair-mated ostrich females
1. Estimates of genetic parameters for reproductive traits, live weight and body measurements were obtained using data from a pair-mated ostrich flock at Oudtshoorn in South Africa. ReproductiveExpand
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Factors related to shell deaths during artificial incubation of ostrich eggs.
The ostrich industry experiences a high rate of embryonic mortalities during artificial incubation of eggs. Embryonic deaths were studied from data recorded on 37,740 fertile eggs incubatedExpand
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Genetic parameters for ostrich incubation traits in South Africa
Data obtained from a pair-mated ostrich flock located at Oudtshoorn, South Africa, were used to estimate genetic parameters for egg weight (EWT), weight of day-old chicks (CWT), water loss to 21Expand
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