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Flat bands in slightly twisted bilayer graphene: Tight-binding calculations
The presence of flat bands near Fermi level has been proposed as an explanation for high transition temperature superconductors. The bands of graphite are extremely sensitive to topological defectsExpand
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Transport properties of antidot superlattices of graphene nanoribbons
In this work we show a theoretical study of the electronic and transport properties of superlattices formed by a periodic structure of vacancies antidots on graphene nanoribbons. The systems areExpand
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Transport properties of graphene nanoribbons with side-attached organic molecules.
In this work we address the effects on the conductance of graphene nanoribbons (GNRs) of organic molecules adsorbed at the ribbon edge. We studied the case of armchair and zigzag GNRs withExpand
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Coulomb-interaction effects on the electronic structure of radially polarized excitons in nanorings
The electronic structure of radially polarized excitons in structured nanorings is analyzed, with emphasis in the ground-state properties and their dependence under applied magnetic fieldsExpand
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Quantum dots under electric and magnetic fields: Impurity-related electronic properties
A systematic study of the ground-state binding energies of a hydrogenic impurity in quantum dots subjected to external electric and magnetic fields is presented. The quantum dot is modeled byExpand
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Far‐infrared optical spectrum of donor impurities in quantum dots in a magnetic field
We report calculations for far-infrared absorption in GaAs/Ga 1-x Al x As quantum dots doped with shallow-donor impurities in the presence of a magnetic field. The wave functions and the eigenvaluesExpand
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Carbon nanotube tori under external fields
We address here a theoretical study on the role played by external magnetic and electric fields on the electronic properties of toroidal carbon nanotubes. A single-$\ensuremath{\pi}$ bandExpand
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Spectra of acceptors in quantum dots: the effect of a magnetic field
We report calculations of the energy spectra of shallow-acceptor impurities in quantum dots in the presence of external magnetic fields. We calculate the binding energies of the ground and excitedExpand
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