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Early distribution and spread of Ambrosia artemisiifolia in Central and Eastern Europe
The herbarium records back-date the first known introduction of this noxious weed to Central and Eastern Europe as well as its early spread on the Danube-Tisza Plain, and in the North-Eastern part of Hungary. Expand
Assessment of endangered synanthropic plants of Hungary with special attention to arable weeds
The factor that currently offers the greatest conflict to the conservation of endangered weed species in Hungary are side effects of strong eradication campaigns against the invasive Ambrosia artemisiifolia. Expand
Checklist of vascular plants of Albania
This work includes all names of higher plants reported or collected in the present territory of Albania and the origin of them was tracked down and possible vouchers were searched for, revised and evaluated. Expand
Current distribution and spreading of Euphorbia davidii (E. dentata agg.) in Europe
Of the Euphorbia dentata aggregate, both E. dentata and E. davidii have been reported from Europe. A revision of herbarium and published materials, however, indicates that only E. davidii can beExpand
Contributions to the flora of Albania
Floristic results of the botanical explorations in Albania between 2005 and 2008 are presented and 11 angiosperm taxa are reported and discussed, 11 are species new for the flora of Albania and 7 are rather rare species that had been reported previously but were omitted from all recent floras and the red data book of the country. Expand
The evolving “fate” of Asyneuma comosiforme: validation of Hayekia, a new monotypic genus of Campanulaceae from Albania
Abstract: An account of the discovery of the Albanian stenoendemic Asyneuma comosiforme and brief nomenclatural history of the genus Asyneuma provide a background for the re-assessment of recentExpand
The alien flora of Albania: history, current status and future trends.
Summary The first synthesis of the alien flora of Albania is presented here. In order to be able to compare with other published studies, the categories of the aliens are described using widelyExpand
Contributions to the flora of Albania, 4
Abstract Barina Z., Rakaj M. & Pifkó D.: Contributions to the flora of Albania, 4. — Willdenowia 43: 165–184. June 2013. — Online ISSN 1868-6397; © 2012 BGBM Berlin-Dahlem.. Stable URL:Expand
First record of Vipera ursinii graeca in Albania, Reptilia : Serpentes, Viperidae
In the framework of the botanical and zoological expeditions of the Hun - garian Natural History Museum to the Balkans, a specimen of Vipera ursinii graeca was observed in the southern NemerckeExpand