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Fracture and Size Effect in Concrete and Other Quasibrittle Materials
Why Fracture Mechanics? Historical Perspective Reasons for Fracture Mechanics Approach Sources of Size Effect on Structural Strength Quantification of Fracture Mechanics Size Effect ExperimentalExpand
Crack band theory for fracture of concrete
A fracture theory for a heterogenous aggregate material which exhibits a gradual strain-softening due to microcracking and contains aggregate pieces that are not necessarily small compared toExpand
Mechanics of solid materials
Description: Elasticity, plasticity, damage mechanics and cracking are all phenomena which determine the resistance of solids to deformation and fracture. The authors of this book discuss a modernExpand
Size Effect in Blunt Fracture: Concrete, Rock, Metal
The fracture front in concrete, as well as rock, is blunted by a zone of microcracking, and in ductile metals by a zone of yielding. This blunting causes deviations from the structural size effectExpand
Creep and shrinkage prediction model for analysis and design of concrete structures-model B3
A model for the characterization of concrete creep and shrinkage in the design of concrete structures is recommended. It is simplier, agrees better with the experimental data and is justified betterExpand
Concrete at High Temperatures: Material Properties and Mathematical Models
Introduction. PART I (written by M K Kaplan) 1. Composition and structure of hardened Portland cement paste. 2. Temperature effects on chemical composition, pore water and physical structures ofExpand
Nonlocal integral formulations of plasticity and damage : Survey of progress
Modeling of the evolution of distributed damage such as microcracking, void formation, and softening frictional slip necessitates strain-softening constitutive models. The nonlocal continuum conceptExpand
Nonlocal damage theory
In the usual local finite element analysis, strain softening causes spurious mesh sensitivity and incorrect convergence when the element is refined to vanishing size. In a previous continuumExpand
Scaling of structural strength
Introduction Asymptotic Analysis of Size Effect Randomness and Disorder Energetic Scaling for Sea Ice and Concrete Structures Energetic Scaling of Compression Fracture and Further Applications toExpand