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Phylogeny and palaeoecology of Polyommatus blue butterflies show Beringia was a climate-regulated gateway to the New World
  • R. Vila, C. Bell, +7 authors N. Pierce
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological…
  • 26 January 2011
Transcontinental dispersals by organisms usually represent improbable events that constitute a major challenge for biogeographers. By integrating molecular phylogeny, historical biogeography andExpand
Gleaming and dull surface textures from photonic-crystal-type nanostructures in the butterfly Cyanophrys remus.
Photonic-crystal-type nanostructures occurring in the scales of the butterfly Cyanophrys remus were investigated by optical and electron microscopy (scanning and transmission electron microscopy),Expand
Living photonic crystals: Butterfly scales — Nanostructure and optical properties
Abstract The photonic crystal type nanostructures in the scales of male individuals of two butterfly species: Cyanophrys remus and Albulina metallica were investigated by electron microscopy andExpand
Photonic nanoarchitectures occurring in butterfly scales as selective gas/vapor sensors
Photonic band gap material type nanoarchitectures occurring in the wing scales of butterflies possessing structural color were investigated as selective gas/vapor sensors. From 20 examined butterflyExpand
Correlated diffraction and fluorescence in the backscattering iridescence of the male butterfly Troides magellanus (Papilionidae).
The male Troides magellanus--a birdwing butterfly that lives in a restricted area of the Philippines--concentrates on its hindwings at least two distinct optical processes that contribute to itsExpand
Role of photonic-crystal-type structures in the thermal regulation of a Lycaenid butterfly sister species pair.
One of the possible functions of the photonic-crystal structure found on the wing scales of some butterflies is investigated. The optical and electron microscopic investigation of two maleExpand
The well-tuned blues: the role of structural colours as optical signals in the species recognition of a local butterfly fauna (Lepidoptera: Lycaenidae: Polyommatinae)
The photonic nanoarchitectures responsible for the blue colour of the males of nine polyommatine butterfly species living in the same site were investigated structurally by electron microscopy andExpand