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Antimicrobial, antibiotic potentiating activity and phytochemical profile of essential oils from exotic and endemic medicinal plants of Mauritius
a b s t r a c t The aim of this study was to evaluate the antimicrobial properties of essential oils (EOs) isolated from 7 exotic and 2 endemic medicinal plants of Mauritius. Eighteen microorganismsExpand
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Chemical composition, antimicrobial and antibiotic potentiating activity of essential oils from 10 tropical medicinal plants from Mauritius
Abstract Infectious diseases and antibiotic resistance have become a public health issue of increasing magnitude. The discovery and development of new antimicrobial agents from herbal medicine toExpand
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In vitro and in silico perspectives on biological and phytochemical profile of three halophyte species-A source of innovative phytopharmaceuticals from nature.
BACKGROUND Halophytes are considered as valuable sources of traditional drugs in different countries. PURPOSE The present study aimed to evaluate biological and chemical fingerprints of threeExpand
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Kinetic studies of tyrosinase inhibitory activity of 19 essential oils extracted from endemic and exotic medicinal plants
Abstract Essential oils (EOs) extracted from plants have attracted much interest as pharmacologically active compounds and have been recently probed as inhibitors of tyrosinase. The present study wasExpand
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Insight into the biological properties and phytochemical composition of Ballota macrodonta Boiss. et Balansa, — an endemic medicinal plant from Turkey
Abstract Ballota macrodonta Boiss. et Balansa., is a traditionally used endemic medicinal plant used to manage a plethora of diseases in Turkey. Nonetheless, few studies have endeavoured to highlightExpand
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Euphorbia denticulata Lam.: A promising source of phyto-pharmaceuticals for the development of novel functional formulations.
In this study, Methanolic extracts of Euphorbia denticulata parts (flowers, leaf, stem, and mix of aerial parts) were assessed for a panoply of bioactivities. Inhibitory potential against key enzymesExpand
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Selected essential oils inhibit key physiological enzymes and possess intracellular and extracellular antimelanogenic properties in vitro.
Essential oils (EOs) extracted from six medicinal herbs and food plants [Cinnamomum zeylanicum (CZ), Psiadia arguta (PA), Psiadia terebinthina (PT), Citrus grandis (CGp), Citrus hystrix (CH), andExpand
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Antiglycation, comparative antioxidant potential, phenolic content and yield variation of essential oils from 19 exotic and endemic medicinal plants
The antioxidant potential, antiglycation, and total phenolic content of essential oils (EOs) extracted from 19 medicinal plants were assessed. The variation in yield of the EOs with respect toExpand
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Combining in vitro, in vivo and in silico approaches to evaluate nutraceutical potentials and chemical fingerprints of Moltkia aurea and Moltkia coerulea.
Methanolic extracts of Moltkia aurea Boiss. (MA) and Moltkia coerulea (Willd.) Lehm. (MC) were investigated for their antioxidant capacity and enzymatic inhibitory potential againstExpand
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Phenolic components and assessment of biological properties of Tchihatchewia isatidea Boiss. extracts: Docking and functional approaches for designing novel products.
The potentiality of bioactive phenolic compounds may result in plant extracts having multiple biological activities. The aim of this study was to investigate into the biological activities of theExpand
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