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Use and application of gelatin as potential biodegradable packaging materials for food products.
The manufacture and potential application of biodegradable films for food application has gained increased interest as alternatives to conventional food packaging polymers due to the sustainableExpand
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Effects of plasticizers on the physicochemical properties of kappa-carrageenan films extracted from Eucheuma cottonii.
The physicochemical properties of κ-carrageenan films extracted from Eucheuma cottonii (E. cottonii) incorporated with different concentrations and types of plasticizers were studied. Glycerol,Expand
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Development and Characterization of Biodegradable Composite Films Based on Gelatin Derived from Beef, Pork and Fish Sources
The objectives of this study were to develop composite films using various gelatin sources with corn oil (CO) incorporation (55.18%) and to investigate the mechanical and physical properties of theseExpand
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Microbiological stability and quality of pulsed light treated cantaloupe (Cucumis melo L. reticulatus cv. Glamour) based on cut type and light fluence
The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of cut type and pulsed light (PL) fluence on microbiological stability and quality of fresh-cut cantaloupes. Fresh-cut cantaloupes with various cutExpand
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Effect of Chitosan–Beeswax Edible Coatings on the Shelf-life of Sapodilla (Achras zapota) Fruit
The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of chitosan and beeswax as edible coatings on the shelf-life of sapodilla (Achras zapota). The coating formulations used were chitosan only (C),Expand
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Physicochemical characterization of kappa-carrageenan (Euchema cottoni) based films incorporated with various plant oils.
This study investigated the effects of different types of plant oil (olive oil, corn oil, soybean oil and sunflower oil) on the physical and mechanical properties of kappa-carrageenan films fromExpand
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Effect of Lemongrass (Cymbopogon citratus) Essential Oil on the Properties of Chitosan Films for Active Packaging
Chitosan-based films incorporated with lemongrass (Cymbopogon citratus) essential oil (LEO) were developed and their properties as an active food packaging were investigated. The thickness andExpand
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Effect of different types and concentrations of emulsifier on the characteristics of kappa-carrageenan films.
κ-Carrageenan films derived from Euchema cottoni containing different types and concentrations of emulsifier were developed. Film formation without the addition of emulsifier was used as a control.Expand
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Sensory quality and flavour of alginate coated and repetitive pulsed light treated fresh-cut cantaloupes (Cucumis melo L. Var. Reticulatus Cv. Glamour) during storage
Fresh-cut fruits are popular due to the convenience provided. However, fresh-cut processes damage fruit tissues and reduce the shelf life of products. Pulsed light (PL) treatment is a decontaminationExpand
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Cell wall composition of alginate coated and pulsed light treated fresh-cut cantaloupes (Cucumis melo L. Var. Reticulatus Cv. Glamour) during chilled storage
This study was to investigate the effects of optimised alginate coating combined with repetitive pulsed light (RPL) on cell wall composition of fresh-cut cantaloupes during chilled storage. Fresh-cutExpand