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X-ray structure analysis, electronic and vibrational circular dichroism of chiral-at-metal dioxidovanadium(V) complexes with amino acids derived Schiff base ligands
Abstract Five new chiral dioxidovanadium Schiff base complexes derived from l -valine, l -leucine, l -histidine, l -threonine and d -threonine were synthesized and characterized by elementalExpand
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Isolation and properties of flavoprotein from the egg yolk.
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Distribution and properties of flavokinase in the developing chick embryo.
1. Localization of flavokinase was studied in the nonembryonic portions of the chicken egg, in embryos at various stages of development, and in the adult hen. 2. Embryonic biosynthesis of flavinExpand
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Platinum(IV) complex with adamantylamine as nonleaving amine group: synthesis, characterization, and in vitro antitumor activity against a panel of cisplatin-resistant cancer cell lines.
Procedure of the synthesis is described for new platinum(IV) drug LA-12 [(OC-6-43)-bis(acetato)(1-adamantylamine)amminedichloroplatinum(IV)]. The X-ray diffraction analysis shows that the structureExpand
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Riboflavin flavoprotein from egg yolk. Analytical and biophysical data.
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Flavin separation by affinity chromatography on immobilized egg white riboflavin-binding protein.
Abstract Flavins may be separated in a linear gradient of pH and ionic strength, established between 0.1 m sodium acetate, pH 3.8, 0.5 m NaCl, and 0.1 m acetic acid, 1 m NaCl, on Bio-Gel P-150Expand
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Diphenyldichlorophosphonium trichloride-chlorine solvate 1:1, [PPh2Cl2]+Cl(3)(-).Cl2: an ionic form of diphenyltrichlorophosphorane. Crystal structures of [PPh2Cl2]+Cl(3)(-).Cl2 and
An ionic form of diphenyltrichlorophosphorane, namely, diphenyldichlorophosphonium trichloride isolated as a dichlorine solvate (1), was obtained by treating PPh(2)Cl(3) with excess chlorine. TheExpand
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