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Chronic psychological stress has been demonstrated to play an important role in several severe diseases, but whether it affects disease therapy or not remains unclear. Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) have been demonstrated to have therapeutic potentials in treating tissue injury based on their multidifferentiation potential toward various cell types. We(More)
Stem cells were characterized by their stemness: self-renewal and pluripotency. Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) are a unique type of adult stem cells that have been proven to be involved in tissue repair, immunoloregulation and tumorigenesis. Irradiation is a well-known factor that leads to functional obstacle in stem cells. However, the mechanism of stemness(More)
Mechanical vibration was performed with 5 different frequencies after radius fracture of 76 rabbits. The vibration effects were evaluate by means of X-ray film and bio-mechanical and pathological examinations. Our results suggests: (1) Vibration promotes the fracture healing in rabbits regardless of the frequency. Both bone strength and speed of fracture(More)
Under aseptic operation, a 0.3mm defect each was resected in the middle shaft of both radii in 54 rabbits. One of 4 groups was subjected to vibration along the long axis of right radius in each healing stage. The feature of fracture healing was evaluated with X-ray film, pathological examinations and measurement of maximum resistance to bending force and(More)
In a multicenter study taking place in four centers in Beijing (People's Republic of China), pregnancies up to 49 days of amenorrhea (DA) were interrupted with RU 486 (RU 38486, mifepristone, 600 mg orally once), followed 36-60 hours later by administration of dl-15-methyl-PGF 2 alpha-methyl ester (PG05, 1 mg vaginal suppository). One-hundred-and-sixty(More)
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