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Multiple antenna systems are promising architectures for overcoming the effects of multi-path interference and increasing the spectrum efficiency. In order to be able to investigate these systems, in this article, we derive the generalized spatial correlation equations of a circular antenna array for two typical angular energy distributions: a Gaussian(More)
– The joint processing of remote sensing data acquired from sensors operating at different wavelengths has the potential to significantly improve the operation of global forest mapping and monitoring systems. This paper presents an analysis of the forest discrimination properties of Landsat TM and ALOS-PALSAR data when considered as a combined source of(More)
SAR data acquired over hilly terrain show geometric and radiometric distortions due to the side-looking configuration of the radar sensors. These effects usually lead to a distortion of the useful backscatter information related to land cover or bio-geophysical parameters. Post-processing approaches to remove such distortions are very important to broaden(More)
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