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The objective of this paper is to present a novel approach for the segmentation and characterization of breast tumor. The authors have developed an efficient tumor segmentation technique using conventional Ostu thresholding method aided by morphological reconstruction filtering technique. The parameters extracted are area, major and minor axis length,(More)
Energy hole problem is a crucial issue in wireless sensor network (WSN). Nodes near the sink region will die sooner from outer sub-regions because these nodes send their own data as well as forward outer sub-regions data to the sink. So after very short time energy hole comes near the sink region. After that, data cannot be transmitted to sink even though(More)
A simple signal conditioning circuit for converting capacitance change into frequency for capacitive humidity sensors is presented. It is based on a relaxation oscillator in which output frequency is linearly related to the capacitive unbalance of an active bridge. The design, analysis, and experimental results of the circuit and its application to a sol(More)
In wireless sensor network, there is a problem of energy hole, which means nodes near the sink region will die sooner because these nodes send their own data to sink as well as forward data for other nodes. After energy hole comes, data cannot be transmitted to sink even though energy is still remained in outer region nodes which affects the lifetime of the(More)
Energy is a scarce resource in WANETs (Wireless Ad Hoc Networks) since the nodes are powered by non-renewable batteries. Traditional multicast routing protocols are not energy aware and thus do not take energy conservation into consideration. One approach for energy conservation is to send the messages of a communication session along the routes which(More)
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