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We report direct observation of an unexpected anisotropic swelling of Si nanowires during lithiation against either a solid electrolyte with a lithium counter-electrode or a liquid electrolyte with a LiCoO(2) counter-electrode. Such anisotropic expansion is attributed to the interfacial processes of accommodating large volumetric strains at the lithiation(More)
Lithium ͑Li͒ dendrite formation has been recognized as one of the major safety concerns for Li metal batteries but not for conventional Li ion batteries ͑LIBs͒ where Li metal is not used. With the advanced in situ transmission electron microscopy enabling direct observation of battery operation, we found that Li fibers with length up to 35 ␮m grew on(More)
Mechanical properties of self-scrolling binormal nanohelices with a rectangular cross-section are investigated under uniaxial tensile and compressive loads using nanorobotic manipulation and Cosserat curve theory. Stretching experiments demonstrate that small-pitch nanohelices have an exceptionally large linear elasticity region and excellent mechanical(More)
A method for the synthesis of high quality indium-doped zinc oxide (In-doped ZnO) nanocrystals was developed using a one-step ester elimination reaction based on alcoholysis of metal carboxylate salts. The resulting nearly monodisperse nanocrystals are well-crystallized with typically crystal structure identical to that of wurtzite type of ZnO. Structural,(More)
Rhesus macaques and stump-tailed macaques are sympatric in western Yunnan (China), coexisting or occupying habitats that show little difference. This paper tests hypotheses based on theoretical expectation from the differing biomechanical demands of terrestrial and arboreal quadrupedalism in stump-tailed macaques and rhesus macaques, respectively.(More)
In this paper, we report the findings of a comparative study of the elbow joints of five species of macaque that inhabit China: Macaca assamensis, M. arctoides, M. mulatta, M. thibetana and M. nemestrina. Results of multivariate analyses of size-related variables and indices of the elbow joint suggested that the breadths of the ventral aspect of the(More)
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