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The Notch gene plays a role in the development of disparate tissues in multiple organisms. Because the vertebrate eye is an excellent model system for both patterning and cell fate determination, two processes that can involve Notch, we examined the expression patterns of Notch 1 and Notch 2, and their ligands Delta and Jagged, in the developing rat eye.(More)
The vertebrate heart consists of two types of chambers, the atria and the ventricles, which differ in their contractile and electrophysiological properties. Little is known of the molecular mechanisms by which these chambers are specified during embryogenesis. Here a chicken iroquois-related homeobox gene, Irx4, was identified that has a(More)
In chick development, ciliary ganglion (CG) neurons go through a period of axon extension from approximately em-bryonic day (E)4 to E8, followed by a period of synapto-genesis and neuronal cell death. By examining the immu-nohistochemical localization of laminin, in conjunction with Dil labeling of the ciliary nerve projection, we have determined that the(More)
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