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To compare epidemiologic features and genetic characteristics of group A rotaviruses causing diarrhea in children and adults, a survey was conducted in Wuhan, China, during the period of Dec. 2000–May 2006. A total of 3839 stool specimens from diarrheal patients from eight hospitals were analyzed. Winter seasonality was observed for rotavirus diarrhea in(More)
—To enhance the flexibility of the parallel FDTD for the analysis of the bio-electromagnetic problems, a universal and efficient interpolation technique based on the super-absorbing boundary principle is presented, which can improve the interpolation accuracy and ensure the stability of the parallel FDTD iterative procedure. Using this technique, we(More)
This study aims at the design and development of electromagnetic-type intermittent shock wave generation in a liquid. The shock wave generated is focused at a focal point through an acoustic lens. This hardware device mainly consists of a full-wave bridge rectifier, 6 capacitors, a spark gap, and a flat coil. A metal disk is mounted in a liquid-filled tube(More)
The local structure and the spin Hamiltonian (SH) parameters, including the zero-field-splitting (ZFS) parameters D and (a+2F/3), and the Zeeman g factors [Formula: see text] and [Formula: see text], are theoretically investigated for the Fe(K)(3+)-O(I)(2-) center in KTaO(3) crystal. The microscopic SH (MSH) parameters are modeled within the framework of(More)
Quercetin (3,3′,4′,5,7-pentahydroxyflavone, Qu) is a promising cancer chemo-preventive agent for various cancers because it inhibits disease progression and promotes apoptotic cell death. In our previous study, we demonstrated that Qu could evoke ER stress to enhance drug cytotoxicity in ovarian cancer (OC). However, Qu-induced ER stress in OC is still(More)
The synthesis and properties of a new class of inorganic salts, named pentafluorosulfanylnitramide salts (or pentafluorosulfanylnitraminic acid salts) [Z+SF5NNO2-], are described. A number of SF5-nitramide salts (Z+SF5NNO2-) were successfully prepared via nucleophilic displacements from carbamates and/or ion exchange techniques, but some salts [M(SF5NNO2)x;(More)
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