Z. Y. Jiang

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PURPOSE Hepatocyte growth factor (HGF), also called scatter factor, stimulates growth and motility in nonocular endothelial cells and smooth muscle cells through its receptor c-Met. Recent reports suggest that HGF is increased in the serum and vitreous of patients with proliferative diabetic retinopathy and that smooth muscle cells and retinal pigment(More)
Protein kinase B/Akt protein kinases control an array of diverse functions, including cell growth, survival, proliferation, and metabolism. We report here the identification of pleckstrin homology-like domain family B member 1 (PHLDB1) as an insulin-responsive protein that enhances Akt activation. PHLDB1 contains a pleckstrin homology domain, which we show(More)
The effect of taste stimuli on the efferent discharges in the gastric branch of the vagus nerve was studied in rats anesthetized with urethane-chloralose. An increase in discharge rate following taste stimulation with 5% NaCl over the tongue for 5 min, and a decrease of it following an application of 10% sucrose for the same duration were observed in normal(More)
The purple photosynthetic bacterium Rhodospirillum centenum is capable of forming swarm colonies that rapidly migrate toward or away from light, depending on the wavelength of excitation. To identify components specific for photoperception, we conducted mini-Tn5-mediated mutagenesis and screened approximately 23,000 transposition events for mutants that(More)
Effects of toxins III and IV (ATX III and IV) from the sea anemone Anemonia sulcata on the Na current of crayfish giant axons were studied. Both toxins slowed the inactivation of Na channels, producing a maintained Na current during a depolarizing voltage pulse. Using the intensity of the toxin-induced maintained current as an index for the fraction of Na(More)
In 18 urethane-anesthetized ovariectomized female rats, 54 neurons in and around the hypothalamic ventromedial nucleus were transynaptically activated by electrical stimulation of the mesencephalic central gray matter. Ventromedial nucleus afferents from either the dorsal longitudinal fascicle (N = 10) or the medial forebrain bundle (N = 8) were disrupted(More)