Z X Bian

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Posted at the eScholarship Repository, University of California. Abstract We characterize cross-plane and in-plane Seebeck coefficients for ErAs:InGaAs/InGaAlAs superlattices with different carrier concentrations using test patterns integrated with microheaters. The microheater creates a local temperature difference, and the cross-plane Seebeck coefficients(More)
We present the molecular beam epitaxial growth of nanocomposites consisting of semimetallic ErAs nanoparticles which are epitaxially embedded within InGaAlAs-based semiconductors. The properties of nanocomposites can be drastically different from that of the constituents, and in this case, the incorporation of ErAs is used to increase the thermoelectric(More)
Low dimensional and nanostructured materials have shown great potential to achieve much higher thermo-electric figure of merits than their bulk counterparts. Here, we study the thermoelectric properties of superlat-tices in the cross-plane direction using the Boltzmann transport equation and taking into account multiple minibands. Poisson equation is solved(More)
Embedded metallic nanoparticles in semiconductors have recently been proven to be of great interest for thermoelectric applications. These metallic nanoparticles play the role of scattering centers for phonons and a source of doping for electrons; they reduce simultaneously the thermal conductivity and increase the thermoelectric power factor of the(More)
A brief overview of the research activities at the Thermionic Energy Conversion (TEC) Center is given. The goal is to achieve direct thermal to electric energy conversion with >20% efficiency and >1W/cm 2 power density at a hot side temperature of 300-650C. Thermionic emission in both vacuum and solid-state devices is investigated. In the case of(More)
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