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Interictal spikes and sharp waves in human EEG are characteristic signatures of epilepsy. These potentials originate as a result of synchronous pathological discharge of many neurons. The reliable detection of such potentials has been the long standing problem in EEG analysis, especially after long-term monitoring became common in investigation of epileptic(More)
With the imminent start of LHC experiments, development of phenomenological tools, and in particular the Monte Carlo programs and algorithms, becomes urgent. A new algorithm for the generation of a parton shower initiated by the single initial hadron beam is presented. The new algorithm is of the class of the so called " constrained MC " type algorithm (an(More)
This report summarizes the progress in the study of Higgs physics at a future linear electron positron collider at center-of-mass energies up to about 1000 GeV and high luminosity. After the publication of the TESLA Technical Design Report [1], an extended ECFA/DESY study on linear collider physics and detectors was performed. The paper summarizes the(More)
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