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This paper introduces a qualitative measure of ambiguity and analyses its relationship with other measures of uncertainty. Prob­ ability measures rela. ti ve likelihoods, while ambiguity measures vagueness surrounding those judgments. Ambiguity is an impor­ tant represent.ation of uncertain knowledge. It deals with a different type of uncertainty modeled by(More)
DNA damage has recently been shown to inhibit or delay germinal vesicle breakdown (GVBD) in mouse oocytes, but once meiosis resumes, DNA-damaged oocytes are able to extrude the first polar body. In this study, using porcine oocytes, we showed that DNA damage did not affect GVBD, but inhibited the final stages of maturation, as indicated by failure of polar(More)
Predators use olfactory, visual and sometimes acoustic cues from the preys to assess food information. However, it is not known if the aggressive hornets (Vespa spp.) use olfactory, visual, or both types of information to find and recognize prey. In the present study, we trained hornet workers (Vespa velutina) to a feeding area. Once the hornets began(More)
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