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The fatty acid (FA) composition of serum lipids and erythrocytes was studied in 21 men with non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (NIDDM) and in 14 normal subjects matched for age, sex, body weight, and dietary intake. Lower levels of linoleic acid and higher levels of highly unsaturated FA (daughter) of n-3 and n-6 family FA, reflected in a higher(More)
The metabolic effect of 3-week dietary supplementation with a fish oil concentrate was examined in not markedly obese, not hypertriglyceridemic men with non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (NIDDM) treated with hypoglycemic agents. Ten patients were given 15 ml/d of fish oil (Martens Oil, Norway) equivalent to 3.1 g of n-3 fatty acid (FA) per day, and(More)
In order to evaluate the effect of substrate competition on glucose utilization, we studied 8 healthy volunteers under three different conditions: 1. Hyperinsulinemic (75 a 550 microU/ml) euglycemic (5 mmol/1) clamp (HEC). 2. HEC with Nutramin VLI infusion given at a rate of 2 ml/kg.h. 3. HEC with infusion of Nutramin VLI (2 ml/kg.h) and Intralipid (0.15 g(More)
Non-obese middle-aged men (n = 21) in an early stage after manifestation of Type 2 diabetes mellitus, and free of signs of atherosclerotic complications, when compared with an age-, weight- and sex-matched control group (n = 14), were found to show: 1. a decrease in linoleic acid content and increase in polyunsaturated elongated forms of n-6 and n-3(More)
The fatty acid pattern of serum phospholipids, cholesteryl esters, triglycerides and free fatty acids was measured before and after a 5-h two-step euglycemic hyperinsulinemic clamp (75 and 1400 microU/ml) in 21 non-insulin-dependent diabetics and 14 age-, weight-, and sex-matched healthy controls. Acute hyperinsulinemia was associated with a statistically(More)
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