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Fatigue crack propagation life has been estimated based on established empirical equations. In the present work, fatigue crack rates of ASTM A533 alloy under the different load histories was predicted by adaptive neuro fuzzy approach (ANFIS). A novel soft-computing application, suitable for non-linear, noisy and complex problems like fatigue. The features(More)
Semisolid metal processing is a relatively new technology that offers several advantages over liquid processing and solid processing because of the unique behaviour and characteristic microstructure of metals in this state. With the aim of finding a minimum process chain for the manufacture of high-quality production at minimal cost for forming, the(More)
A high quality joint between tool steel and stainless steel alloys is hard to achieve with the conventional welding process. In this study, a new process of joining semi-solid AISI D2 tool steel and AISI 304 stainless steel using a partial remelting method is proposed. Metallographic analysis and Vickers hardness tests were performed. The results obtained(More)
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