Z. Sainudeen

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Very large two-photon absorption (TPA) cross sections at the infrared region have been revealed for J-aggregates of asymmetric zinc porphyrin using quantum-chemical calculation. The TPA properties are evaluated for monomer and aggregates of a series of push-pull porphyrins, whose syntheses are known in the literature. The two-photon absorption cross section(More)
The performance features of MEMS transducers allow the development of a new class of small, low-power sensor microsystems which utilize a suite of sensors to support a wide range of applications. This paper presents a system-level framework for constructing such microsystems where system modularity for application adaptability is a primary design(More)
We present a time-dependent quantum-chemical analysis on merocyanine aggregates to understand the insight of the intermolecular interactions and to find the relationship between structural and collective nonlinear optical properties. The first hyperpolarizabilities are evaluated for monomer and aggregates of a series of zwitterionic merocyanine dyes, whose(More)
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