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Finite element method (FEM) suffers from a serious mesh distortion problem when used for high velocity impact analyses. The smooth particle hydrodynamics (SPH) method is appropriate for this class of problems involving severe damages but at considerable computational cost. It is beneficial if the latter is adopted only in severely distorted regions and FEM(More)
The field of social computing emerged more than ten years ago. During the last decade, researchers from a variety of disciplines have been closely collaborating to boost the growth of social computing research. This paper aims at identifying key researchers and institutions, and examining the collaboration patterns in the field. We employ co-authorship(More)
Nanoindentation has been recently used to measure the mechanical properties of polycrystalline graphene. However, the measured failure loads are found to be scattered widely and vary from lab to lab. We perform molecular dynamics simulations of nanoindentation on polycrystalline graphene at different sites including grain center, grain boundary (GB), GB(More)
Notched metallic glasses (MGs) have received much attention recently due to their intriguing mechanical properties compared to their unnotched counterparts, but so far no fundamental understanding of the correlation between failure behavior and notch depth/sharpness exists. Using molecular dynamics simulations, we report necking and large notch(More)
Understanding the grain size-dependent failure behavior of polycrystalline graphene is important for its applications both structurally and functionally. Here we perform molecular dynamics simulations to study the failure behavior of polycrystalline graphene by varying both grain size and distribution. We show that polycrystalline graphene fails in a(More)
In this paper, we investigate the problem of source localization and classification under the coexistence of both completely polarized (CP) and partially polarized (PP) electromagnetic (EM) signals, using a crossed-dipole sensor array. We propose a MUltiple SIgnal Classification (MUSIC)-based solution, which does not require multidimensional searches.(More)
This paper presents a theory for modeling random environmental spatial-temporal fields that allows simulated data (numerical-physical model output) to be combined with measurements made at fixed monitoring sites. That theory involves Bayesian hierarchical models that provide temporal forecasts and spatial predictions along with appropriate credibility(More)
In this paper, we proposed an extended version of binary code selection algorithm (BCSA) for the variable-order prediction by introducing multiple distal dendrites into BCSA. The proposed model of artificial neurons has a single proximal dendrite to receive the feed-forward inputs (sequences) from the world and multiple distal dendrites to receive the(More)
Guangdong experienced the largest dengue epidemic in recent history. In 2014, the number of dengue cases was the highest in the previous 10 years and comprised more than 90% of all cases. In order to analyze heterogeneous transmission of dengue, a multivariate time series model decomposing dengue risk additively into endemic, autoregressive and(More)