Z. S. Lin

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MOTIVATION At the core of most protein gene-finding algorithms are the coding measures used to make a decision on coding/non-coding. Of the protein coding measures, the Fourier measure is one of the most important. However, due to the limited length of the windows usually used, the accuracy of the measure is not satisfactory. This paper is devoted to(More)
An improved multiple linear regression method has been proposed to predict the content of alpha-helix and beta-strand of a globular protein based on its primary sequence. The amino acid composition and the auto-correlation functions based on the hydrophobicity profile of the primary sequence have been taken into account in the algorithm. The resubstitution(More)
There is strong demand for solutions to security problems in various wireless networks, such as WiFi, WiMAX, 3GPP and WSN, not only for the individual networks themselves but also for the integration of these networks. A complete solution cannot be proposed by piecemeal proposals but requires a holistic examination of all security concerns. The solution(More)
A novel method to distinguish between intron-containing and intronless DNA sequences has been proposed, based on different statistic behaviors between them. In this method, DNA sequences are first represented as Z curves. Three exponents alpha, beta and gamma for each given sequence are calculated based on the format of the Z curve for the DNA sequence. A(More)
Wheat-Dasypyrum villosum translocated chromosomes T6V#2S•6AL and T6V#4S•6DL are known to confer excellent resistance to wheat powdery mildew (PM). However, it is difficult to distinguish the two sources of PM resistance genes through multi-pathotype testing because to date no virulence for them has been found. To reveal the relationship between the PM(More)
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