Z. R. Li

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Sequence-derived structural and physicochemical features have frequently been used in the development of statistical learning models for predicting proteins and peptides of different structural, functional and interaction profiles. PROFEAT (Protein Features) is a web server for computing commonly-used structural and physicochemical features of proteins and(More)
Virtual screening performance of support vector machines (SVM) depends on the diversity of training active and inactive compounds. While diverse inactive compounds can be routinely generated, the number and diversity of known actives are typically low. We evaluated the performance of SVM trained by sparsely distributed actives in six MDDR biological target(More)
Sequence-derived structural and physicochemical features have been extensively used for analyzing and predicting structural, functional, expression and interaction profiles of proteins and peptides. PROFEAT has been developed as a web server for computing commonly used features of proteins and peptides from amino acid sequence. To facilitate more extensive(More)
Text-based search is widely used for biomedical data mining and knowledge discovery. Character errors in literatures affect the accuracy of data mining. Methods for solving this problem are being explored. This work tests the usefulness of the Smith-Waterman algorithm with affine gap penalty as a method for biomedical literature retrieval. Names of(More)
The number of proteins that fold into a certain structure differs drastically. The designability of a protein structure, which is defined as the number of sequences that have that structure as their unique lowest energy state, is studied in this paper using a simplified lattice model. The two-letter (HP) code and the pair-contact energy model are employed(More)
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