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This paper considers adaptive fuzzy control of robotic manipulators based on sliding mode. It is first shown that an adaptive fuzzy system with the system representative point (RP, or as is often termed, a switching function in variable structure control (VSC) theory) and its derivative as inputs, can approximate the robot nonlinear dynamics in the(More)
A macro-micro manipulator system, which is composed of a long flexible-link manipulator as a macro manipulator and a relatively smaller rigid manipulator attached to the tip of the macro one as a micro manipulator, is employed to improve the motion precision of a flexible space manipulator. At the same time the macro-micro manipulator system preserves the(More)
The component dynamic reliability index (CDRI) for the multi-state system is transplanted to human reliability domain, and used to evaluate the importance of performance shaping factors (PSF). The concepts about PSFs and CDRI are overviewed firstly. The importance of some PSF, namely, CDRI is the probability of human error probability (HEP) changing from(More)
Giant cell tumor of the bone (GCTB) is a locally aggressive tumor with a certain distant metastatic rate. For sacral GCT (SGCT) and pelvic GCT (PGCT), surgery has its limitations, especially for unresectable or recurrent tumors. Selective arterial embolization (SAE) is reported to be an option for treatment in several cases, but there are few systematic(More)
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