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An adaptive switching median filter (ASMF) is presented in this paper. Extensive simulation shows that it can provide very high quality restored images for images that are contaminated by “salt & pepper” noise, especially when the noise density is large. Comparing with other median filtering methods, the ASMF can effectively remove(More)
The population genetic structure of the crimson snapper Lutjanus erythropterus in East Asia was examined with a 427-bp hypervariable portion of the mtDNA control region. A total of 262 samples were collected and 75 haplotypes were obtained. Neutrality tests (Tajima's and Fu's) suggested that Lutjanus erythropterus in East Asia had experienced a bottleneck(More)
We carried out a field experiment in order to study effects of fertilization in juvenile plants of three coffee (Coffea arabica) cultivars in Yunnan, SW China. Fertilization treatments included a control without fertilizer (CK), combinations of three NPK fertilization rates [high fertilization (FH), medium fertilization (FM), and low fertilization (FL) with(More)
Based on the analysis of motion directions, a new search algorithm called Three-Point Search (TPS) is proposed. The main advantages of this method are as follows: 1) searching accuracy of TPS is very close to that of the full search (FS) algorithm that results in optimal matching results; 2) computational complexity is far less than that of FS. For a(More)
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