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Generally, the three-stage current protection and the instantaneous under voltage protection with current supervision are set to protect the low-voltage distribution system. The protection range of adaptive current instantaneous protection, irrelevant to the fault type of the power system, will be affected by the different operating mode of the system. When(More)
OFDM (orthogonal frequency division multiplexing)-based broadband power line communication offers reliable data transmission solution for smart grid and the “last mile” question. This paper presents a design and implementation on timing synchronization algorithm for PLC. A polyphase sequences sets based preamble is proposed which provide not(More)
This paper proposes a multi-agent technology to energy management of the distributed generations in a micro-grid system. An introduction and analysis of the distributed intelligent multi-agent technology are presented first, including its three-layered architecture and operation mechanism. Then, the objective function about micro-grid system is given.(More)
Analyzed the prevailing problem in the cable fault location about the difficulties to accurately identify the head of the reflected, introduced the mathematical morphology and wavelet analysis theory, the traveling wave method is combined the mathematical morphology and wavelet analysis to filtered the noise signal in wave, to find the exact arrival of(More)
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