Z. Peter Szewczyk

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The DNA-dependent RNA polymerase activity and endonucleases in uraemic lymphocyte cells were investigated. It was found that the activity and quantity in three classes of polymerases are remarkably reduced. The reduction in enzyme activity is accompanied by increasing endonuclease activity. The relationship of polymerase enzymes with endonucleases is(More)
During the era of so-called ‘real’ socialism, was underdeveloped in all countries of the then Eastern Bloc [1]. The situation of patients with end-stage renal renal replacement therapy was in a very poor condition in Poland. Here we present data on the influence that disease was slightly better in the former German Democratic Republic [2 ], Hungary, and(More)
Successive radiometers have been flown on spacecraft for measurement of the radiation budget of the Earth and to date have provided data sets which overlap in time over a 25-year period. In this paper we compile these results in order to demonstrate the traceability of calibration of satellite radiation budget instruments over these two decades. From this(More)
Studies were performed on 79 subjects, out of which 32 belonged to the control group and 47 suffered from glomerulonephritis. The number of T and B lymphocytes in peripheral blood was determined using the technique of E, EA and EAC-rosette tests. Also, the lymphocyte blast response to non-specific mitogens (PHA, Con A, PWM) was established in vitro.(More)
Monocytes of 95 patients with chronic glomerulonephritis (ch.g.) testedin vitro demonstrated characteristics of activation in proliferative, and of functional suppression in mesangiocapillary glomerulopathy. Fc and C3 receptor function studied by rosette assay and metabolic potential measured by the NBT reduction test constituted result patterns. Receptor(More)
The activity of nucleases and concentrations of highly important metal ions in T and B lymphocytes were examined. The source of lymphocyte was the blood of patients with chronic renal failure and activity of enzyme as well as ion concentrations were compared to the control group. Concomitant with the increase in enzyme activity was an increase of metal ion(More)
A 64-year-old man presented with symptoms of systemic immune disease dominated by rapidly progressive glomerular injury with highly positive ANCA of cytoplasmic distribution. The clinical course was characterized by dependence upon the intensity of immunosuppression, which has finally led to development of fungal septicaemia and death. The post mortem(More)
Clouds and the Earth's Radiant Energy System (CERES) instruments were designed to measure the reflected shortwave and emitted longwave radiances of the Earth’s radiation budget and to investigate the cloud interactions with global radiances for the long-term monitoring of Earth's climate. The three scanning thermistor bolometer sensors on CERES measure(More)