Z. Peter Szewczyk

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While science goals remain unchanged for the long-term ERB Climate Data Record, it is now understood that the task of achieving these goals is more difficult for two reasons. The first is an increased understanding of the dynamics of the Earth/atmosphere system which demonstrates that rigorous separation of natural variability from anthropogenic change on(More)
During the era of so-called 'real' socialism, was underdeveloped in all countries of the then Eastern Bloc [1]. The situation of patients with end-stage renal renal replacement therapy was in a very poor condition in Poland. Here we present data on the influence that disease was slightly better in the former German Democratic Republic [2 ], Hungary, and(More)
The hemodialysis program was carried out in four male chronic schizophrenic patients hospitalized 3--12 months in the Psychiatric Clinic, Medical University, Wroclaw. The diagnosis was made independently by three psychiatrists. The disease lasted 5 to 26 years. The clinical assessment of mental and physical state followed each dialysis. The BPRS, CGI and(More)
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