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Combination of fly ash (FA) and micro aluminum powder (AL) is an alternative to produce cement composites out of Equisetum (Eq. telmateia) fibers which would have acceptable thermal and mechanical properties. In this study, Type II Portland cement, class F FA, AL, Equisetum telmateia fibers and silica fume gel used to manufacture structural composite boards(More)
Using a numerical method based on sub-super solution, we will obtain positive solution to the coupled-system of boundary value problems of the form −∆u = λ 1 f (v) + µ 1 h(u) in Ω −∆v = λ 2 g(u) + µ 2 γ(v) in Ω u = 0 = v on ∂Ω where −∆ is the Laplacian operator λ 1 , λ 2 , µ 1 , µ 2 are nonnegative parameters, and Ω is a bounded region in R n , with smooth(More)