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Arterial pulse wave velocity, an established index of arterial distensibility, was measured together with arterial pressure in a group of 524 normal subjects of both sexes 2 months to 94 years old (mean age 45.6 +/- 15.3 years [SD]) in rural Guangzhou, China, an area with known low prevalence of hypertension. Fasting serum lipid levels and overnight Na+ and(More)
Mortality data obtained from the Health Statistics Office of the Ministry of Health, People's Republic of China (PRC), were compared to data for other countries taken from the World Health Statistics Annual. The crude death rate for coronary heart disease (CHD) in China in 1984 is estimated to be about one-tenth of that for North America and Australia.(More)
We present two pregnancies associated with normal live births and the unusual concomitance of chorangioma and placental vascular malformation with mesenchymal hyperplasia. The enlarged placenta had the characteristic findings of chorangioma, dilated and varicose chorionic vessels and multiple vesicle-like villi containing hyaluronic acid. The vesicle-like(More)
As part of the international cooperative Cardiovascular Diseases and Alimentary Comparison (CARDIAC) Study, we carried out surveys for the relationship of dietary factors to blood pressure (BP) in 10 areas in China, (Altai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Guiyang, Hetian, Lhasa, Shanghai, Shijiazhuang, Tulufan, and Urumqi). Systolic BP and diastolic BP were(More)
OBJECTIVES Health professionals play an integral role in assessing the risk of violence in their patients. However, there have been few evaluations of violence prevention education programs for health care personnel. The objective of this study was to evaluate the effects of a violence-screening education program on pediatric residents' and medical(More)
The results of percutaneous transseptal balloon mitral valvuloplasty (PTBMV) in 30 Chinese patients with rheumatic mitral stenosis are reported. PTBMV with the Inoue balloon catheter was successfully performed in 27 patients without any significant complications. The mean left atrial pressure decreased from 20.15 +/- 6.75 to 7.06 +/- 4.54 mm Hg (p less than(More)
To compare the single rubber-nylon balloon and double polyethylene balloon techniques, 94 patients with rheumatic mitral stenosis underwent percutaneous transseptal balloon mitral valvuloplasty between November 1985 and September 1988. The single balloon technique was used in 73 patients and the double balloon technique was used in 21. The two groups were(More)
As part of the International Cooperative Cardiovascular Diseases and Alimentary Comparison (CAR-DIAC) Study surveys to determine the relationship of dietary factors to blood pressure were carried out in 1985 (pilot study) and 1989 (core study). Thirteen men and 16 women, and 102 men and 115 women aged 50-54 in the rural population of Panyu county in(More)
Objective: To investigate the clinical features of the Pre-Crisis State and analyze the correlated risk factors of Pre-Crisis State of myasthenia crisis. Methods: We included 93 patients with myasthenia gravis (MG) who experienced 127 times Pre-Crisis State between October 2007 and July 2016. Those patients were hospitalized in the MG specialize center,(More)