Z. M. Zainuddin

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This paper proposes non-Gaussian models for parametric spectral estimation with application to event-related desynchronization (ERD) estimation of nonstationary EEG. Existing approaches for time-varying spectral estimation use time-varying autoregressive (TVAR) state-space models with Gaussian state noise. The parameter estimation is solved by a(More)
PURPOSE Urinary calculi is a familiar disease. A well-known complication of endourological treatment for impacted ureteral stones is the formation of ureteral strictures, which has been reported to occur in 14.2% to 24% of cases. MATERIALS AND METHODS This was a prospective study. Ureterotripsy treatment was used on patients with impacted ureteral stones.(More)
This paper considers improved modeling of artifactual noise for denoising of single-trial event-related potentials (ERPs) by state-space approach. Instead of the inadequate constant variance models used in existing studies, we propose to use stochastic volatility (SV) models to better describe the time-varying volatility in real ERP noise sources. We(More)
Sclerosing lipogranuloma (SLG) of the male external genitalia is a rare benign condition presenting as subcutaneous masses. The underlying pathological process is a granulomatous reaction of fatty tissue in this area. The cause of this is unclear but hypothesis stems around the pathogenesis of exogenous lipid degeneration from injection of foreign bodies(More)
Urinary bladder catheter encrustations are known complications of long-term urinary catheterisation, which is commonly seen in clinical practice. These encrustations can impede deflation of the balloon and therefore cause problems in the removal of the catheter. The options in managing an encrusted and incarcerated urinary bladder catheter include(More)
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