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BACKGROUND Dapsone is used in the treatment of infections and inflammatory diseases. The dapsone hypersensitivity syndrome, which is associated with a reported mortality of 9.9%, develops in about 0.5 to 3.6% of persons treated with the drug. Currently, no tests are available to predict the risk of the dapsone hypersensitivity syndrome. METHODS We(More)
Receptors for the constant region of IgG, Fc gamma receptors, are expressed on the surface of hematopoietic cells, where they mediate signaling events, such as phagocytosis, essential for host defense. Fc gamma receptors also play a role in the pathophysiology of autoimmune diseases. We have demonstrated that members of each of the three classes of human Fc(More)
CyclinD1/pRb/ppRb is one of the most important pathways regulating the cell cycle, and related with the development of many cancers. However, the co-alteration of CyclinD1/pRb/ppRb in esophageal squamous cell carcinomas is less understood. This study aims to analyze the combined prognostic significance of cyclinD1 (CCND1) DNA amplification and the(More)
The tyrosine kinase Syk plays a critical role in the phagocytic pathway mediated by Fcgamma receptors (FcgammaR). In transfected COS1 cells co-expression of Syk enhances FcgammaR mediated phagocytosis. The other member of the Syk kinase family, the highly homologous tyrosine kinase Zap70, also plays a role in signaling by immunoglobulin gene family(More)
This study investigated 5 single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) haplotypes in susceptibility genes for coronary artery disease (CAD) and the putative involvement of these SNPs in CAD in the Chi-nese Han population. From March 2008 to June 2009, we selected 119 CAD patients and 115 subjects not related to the CAD of Chinese Han or-igin as controls. The SNP(More)
21 patients with chronic idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP) and 3 patients with Evan's syndrome underwent partial splenic embolization (PSE). 22 patients underwent PSE once, while 2 patients were treated twice, thus a total of 26 procedures were carried out. Follow-up 3 months after embolization was available in all the 24 patients for their response(More)