Z. M. Gadzhieva

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This paper reviews evidence for the immune-enhancing effect of Spirulina (Sp) and Selen-Spirulina (Se-Sp) in male Wistar rats. The rats of control group fed half-synthetic diet. Rats of experimental groups consumed the half-synthetic diets with Sp (10 g/kg diet) or Se-Sp (350 microg Se/kg diet) for 2 weeks. Using rats lymphocytes in vitro after(More)
The investigation of influent of antiatherosclerotic diets with shark liver oil on clinical and metabolic parameters in patients with cardiovascular diseases. Results of the study show that enrichment of a diets with shark liver oil in patients with ischemic heart disease and hypertension improved clinic status, antropometric levels, lipid spectrum of blood(More)
A significant decrease in the total number of mitotically dividing cells (per 1 crypt), especially in the lower portions of the intestine, was observed in rats with avitaminosis A. The levelling of differences in the number of goblet cells in the upper and lower portions of the intestine was also recorded in the animals with avitaminosis A. The(More)
Influence of different levels of dietary carrageenan (0.2; 0.6, 2% with 18% casein) after 4 weeks in rats on coefficients of biological value (PER, NPR, NPUtr u BVtr) and digestibility (Dtr) of protein, microflore in cecum and morphometric data in distal part of small intestine were studied. There were found adverse changes of coefficients of biological(More)
The purpose of the given work was to research an influence of polysynthetic diet with various levels of selenium on a condition of distal small intestine mucous membranes in rats. Mucous membranes of distal small intestine were studied by common morphological and morphometrical methods. The histological estimation of influence of quantity of consumed(More)
For 37--48 days the action of qualitatively different proteins (caseine jellatine) on some factors of the immunobiological reactivity of growing albino rats of the Wistar lineage was studied. A decline of the body mass and hypoproteinemia maintained on a diet with jellatine by comparison with animals with corresponding factors receiving caseine was(More)