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Sedum alfredii Hance has been identified as a new zinc (Zn) hyperaccumulating plant species. In this study, the effects of cadmium (Cd) supply levels (control, 12.5, 25, 50, 100, 200, 400, 800 μmol Cd L−1) on the growth and cadmium accumulation and Zn supply on Cd accumulation in S. alfredii Hance were studied. The results showed that no reduction in shoot(More)
The response of the soil microbial biomass to seasonal changes was investigated in the field under pastures. These studies showed that over a 9-month period, microbial biomass carbon, phosphorus and sulphur (biomass C, P, S), and their ratios (C:P, C:S, and P:S) responded differently to changes in soil moisture and to the input of fresh organic materials.(More)
 This study aimed to validate the fumigation-extraction method for measuring microbial biomass P in acid soils. Extractions with the Olsen (0.5 M NaHCO3, pH 8.5) and Bray-1 (0.03 M NH4F–0.025 M HCl) extractants at two soil:solution ratios (1 : 20 and 1 : 4, w/v) were compared using eight acid soils (pH 3.6–5.9). The data indicated that the flushes(More)
Phosphorus losses by surface runoff from agricultural lands have been of public concern due to increasing P contamination to surface waters. Five representative commercial citrus groves (C1–C5) located in South Florida were studied to evaluate the relationships between P fractions in soils, surface runoff P, and soil phosphatase activity. A modified Hedley(More)
Sedum alfredii Hance has been identified as a Zn-hyperaccumulating plant species native to China. The characteristics of Zn uptake and accumulation in the hyperaccumulating ecotype (HE) and non-hyperaccumulating ecotype (NHE) of S. alfredii were investigated under nutrient solution and soil culture conditions. The growth of HE was normal up to 1000 μM Zn in(More)
A CHCl3 fumigation and 0.03 M NH4F-0.025 M HCl extraction procedure was used to measure microbial biomass P (Pmic) in 11 acid red soils (pH <6.0) from southern China and the results compared to those obtained by the commonly-used CHCl3 fumigation and 0.5 M NaHCO3 extraction method. Extraction with NH4F-HCl was found to be more effective and accurate than(More)
Nitrogen (N) fertilizer applied in the NH4+ form results in some degree of soil acidification, which could influence nutrient availability to plants and nutrient losses through leaching. Effects of various N rates (0 – 168 kg N ha-1 yr-1) on soil acidification and nutrient availability were investigated in a Riviera fine sand with 26-year-old white Marsh(More)
Experiments were conducted to study the desorption characteristics and plant-availability of phosphate sorbed by some important variable-charge minerals including kaolinite, goethite and amorphous Al oxide. Phosphate desorption from the complexes of goethite-P, kaolinite-P and Al oxide-P by equilibration with 0.02M KCl, resin or some commonly used chemical(More)
Coal combustion by products (BP) and phosphate rock (PR) have been widely used as cost-effective amendments for acid soils. Information is needed on the proper combination of BP with chemical fertilizers or other organic and inorganic amendments to improve the productivity of acid soils. Chemical analysis and soil incubation studies were carried out to(More)