Z Kabulski

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Histological malignancy grading and its correlation to prognosis were retrospectively investigated in 303 cases of squamous cell carcinoma of the vulva. A scoring system based on several variables is suggested. The scores and the individual histological variables were tested along with clinical factors with a view to predicting survival. Various(More)
Histologic malignancy grading and prognosis from a biopsy only was retrospectively investigated in 92 cases of stages I and II of cancer of the vulva treated with electrocoagulation. A scoring was made of several histologic variables. The score proved to be a better predictor of survival than any other single factor analysed, including clinical staging.(More)
A preliminary report on a histologic malignancy grading of vulvar carcinoma is presented. A retrospective histologic study of 40 vulvar carcinoma cases stage I and II (TNM-system) with a minimum five-year follow-up was carried out and correlated to the course of the disease. Morphologic criteria characterizing the tumor cell population, as well as the(More)
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