Z. K. Mukhiddinov

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With a purpose to achieve an individual components of the pectins there was purified and separated the acidic components of the apple pectin and its chemical structure was studied using (13)C-NMR-Spectroscopy. The apple pectin was consecutively subjected to processing with hydrochloric acid and ethanol mixture, ultracentrifuging at 7000 and 40 000 rpm,(More)
The effect of supporting electrolyte on the kinetics of hydrolysis of protopectin (PP) from sunflower heads is studied. The yield of principal decomposition products is determined. The kinetic parameters of the reaction are calculated. Increasing the concentration of supporting electrolyte by adding NaCl to the reaction mixture increases the rate of PP(More)
A study of the monosaccharide composition and hydrodynamic characteristics of pectin substances has made it possible to judge their structure and evaluate the quality of the desired product obtained in industry. The results of the investigation show that, depending on the method of extraction, it is possible to obtain both a homogalacturonan and also a(More)
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