Z. J. Koles

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The motion of optically detected organelles in myelinated axons of Xenopus laevis was studied in axons bathed in a potassium glutamate based medium and in axons in a similar medium to which various inhibitors of axonal transport were added. Organelles in the potassium glutamate medium had a motion which was indistinguishable from that previously described(More)
1. Axonally transported organelles were detected optically in myelinated axons from Xenopus laevis at room temperature (21-23 degrees C). Details of the motion of organelles which were transported in the retrograde and anterograde directions were studied using filmed records.2. A group of 133 organelles with a mean retrograde velocity of 0.91 mum/sec was(More)
A method which uses by the cross correlation of optical signals is described for the determination of the mean velocity of somatopetally moving particles within nerve fibers. The method was validated by simulation experiments and by comparing the results with those obtained by averaging collections of velocities of individual particles. The significant(More)
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