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A structural model of Bacillus subtilis cytochrome c-550 has been built based upon hydropathy analysis, sequence alignment, homology modeling, and energy minimization. The model has a single transmembrane alpha-helix and a water-soluble domain folded around covalently attached heme C. Physical measurements on purified, recombinant cytochrome c-550 have been(More)
Two new ent-kaurenoids,19-acetoxyl-ent-3beta,17-dihydroxykaur-15-ene (1), 19-acetoxyl-ent-3beta-hydroxykaur-15-en-17-al (2), together with seven known ent-kaurenoids: ent-kaur-16-en-19-al (3), ent-kaur-16-en-19-oic acid (4), ent-kauran-16beta,17-diol (5), ent-15beta, 16beta-epoxy-17-hydroxykauran-19-oic acid (6),19-acetyl-ent-3beta-hydroxyl-kaur-16-ene (7),(More)
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