Z. Hrubec

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The National Research Council Twin Registry comprises 16,000 pairs of white male twins, both members of which had been in military service, mainly in World War II. All their available military and Veterans Administration records and their responses to a 1965 to 1970 NRC questionnaire have been coded as to disease. Upon review we found 16 cases of multiple(More)
A computer-based file of all Veterans Administration (VA) hospitalisation records for the period 1969-1985 was used to identify and follow for cancer development a cohort of 5,161 white males with pernicious anaemia. A total of 34,915 person-years were accrued, with an average length of follow-up of 6.8 years. A total of 481 cancers were diagnosed, slightly(More)
A second follow-up was conducted of 1742 women with tuberculosis who were treated in one of two sanatoria in Massachusetts between 1930 and 1956. One hospital treated only children under the age of 17. Patient follow-up was extended from 1975 through 1980, and an additional 18 breast cancers were identified from hospital records, death certificates, and(More)
Weinberg's difference method, applied to twin birth statistics, usually shows a dependence of the MZ rate on maternal age, like a thin shadow of the DZ rate. Some of this MZ variation could be explained away by James' finding of more same-sex (SS) than opposite-sex (OS) DZ twins, the excess being mistakenly classified as MZ by Weinberg's assumption of equal(More)
Except for gallstones, the risk factors for cancers of the biliary tract (CBTs) are poorly understood. Recent case-control studies have suggested cigarette smoking as a potential risk factor. In a cohort study of nearly 250,000 US veterans whose mortality was followed for up to 26 years, we evaluated the risk of CBT associated with tobacco use. Relative(More)
Cardiovascular and respiratory symptoms in relation to tobacco smoking. A study on American twins. Pollin, W., et al., Psychopathology in 15,909 pairs of veteran twins: evidence for a genetic factor in the pathogenesis of schizophrenia and its relative absence in psychoneurosis. in twins and the diffuse ego boundary hypothesis. Relationship of(More)
When the Weinberg estimate of the proportion of monozygotic pairs is quite deviant from that in the source population, it is likely to be wrong because Weinberg's difference is much less stable than the zygosity proportions. A formula is proposed for the probability distribution of possible compositions of a small sample of twins based on sex concordance in(More)
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