Z Hermanská

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Between 1978-84 371 patients with HD were treated according to Protocol of LCG. 72.5% achieved complete, 10.8% partial remission and 16.7% were nonresponders. The evaluation of results was performed by PIL program from BMDP 81. The mean survival was 61 and disease-free survival (DFS) 60 months. The cumulative survival and DFS at 5 years were 65% and 68%,(More)
A multivariate analysis of the prognostic factors was carried out with a Cox model on 167 patients with Stage I-IV Hodgkin's disease. The following indicators were prospectively registered: Sex, age, clinical stage, systemic symptoms, histological type, number of involved areas, nodal size, mediastinal thoracic ratio (MTR), localization of mediastinal(More)
This paper studies relations of 21 HLA antigens of the A and B loci to selected characteristics in a group of patients with Hodgkin's disease. The investigated characteristics are age, sex, histological patterns, clinical stage and symptomatology. The considered group consists of 68 patients, 37 males and 31 females aged from 19 to 66 years and from 26 to(More)
The prognostic value of HLA antigens in Hodgkin's disease was assessed by multivariate regression analyses. A significantly adverse prognostic impact for achieving complete remission by primary treatment and for its persistence was proved in four antigens locus B (B18, B5, B27 and B15). Five-year survival without signs of the disease, i.e. survival without(More)
A series of various tests were carried out in 19 patients treated for germinal tumors of the testis, with a long-term survival rate (7 to 28 years) in a complete clinical remission and the results compared with those of a previous investigation made 6 years earlier [3]. The tests involved: radionuclear investigation of the skeleton (85Sr--test),(More)