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We describe ALARM-NET, a wireless sensor network for assisted-living and residential monitoring. It integrates environmental and physiological sensors in a scalable, heterogeneous architecture. A query protocol allows real-time collection and processing of sensor data by user interfaces and back-end analysis programs. One such program determines circadian(More)
In conventional Compton camera systems, the image reconstruction is performed only in two-dimensional or three-dimensional spatial coordinates for a specific gamma-ray energy. By doing so, a priori knowledge of the incident gamma-ray energy is required, and usually an energy window is applied to select full energy deposition events. In some other(More)
Two 3-D position-sensitive room temperature semiconductor c-ray spectrometers have been built using 1 cm3 cubic CdZnTe crystals. The lateral coordinates of c-ray interaction are obtained from the location of the 11(x)]11(y) pixellated anodes and the depth (z) is obtained from the ratio of the signals coming from the cathode and the anode. Energy spectra(More)
A postprocessing technique is developed for image quality enhancement. In this method, a distortion-recovery model extracts multiresolution edge features from the decompressed image and uses these visual features as input to estimate the difference image between the original uncompressed image and the decompressed image. Coding distortions are compensated(More)
The derivatives of polyethylene glycol (PEG) were prepared by reacting PEG with propylene oxide to enhance its hydrophobicity and introduce a branched structure. The PEG derivatives were activated with cyanuric chloride and used to modify the lipase fromCandida rugosa. The maximum specific activity of lipase modified with the PEG derivatives was about(More)
An artiicial neural network visual model is developed, which extracts multi-scale edge features from the decompressed image and uses these visual features as input to estimate and compensate for the coding distortions. This provides a generic postprocessing technique that can be applied to all the main coding methods. Experimental results involving(More)
A CZT Compton Camera (CCC) is being built using two three-dimensional (3-D) position-sensitive CZT detectors. Expected system performance was analyzed by analytical and Monte Carlo approaches. Based on the measurement of detector energy and position resolution, the expected angular resolution is &33 and &23 for a $303 FOV for 511 keV and 1 MeV c-rays,(More)
This paper deals with a new medical information system called Alarm Net designed for smart healthcare. Based on an advanced Wireless Sensor Network (WSN), it specifically targets assisted-living residents and others who may benefit from continuous and remote health monitoring. We present the advantages, objectives, and status of the system built at the(More)
State of the art passive devices have been developed for optimum RF circuit performance. These devices include a hyperabrupt junction varactor with tunability (Cmax/Cmin) of 3.3, an accumulation mode MOS varactor, high capacitance nitride metal-insulator-metal capacitors, a BEOL TaN resistor and very high Q inductors with a peak Q of 28 at 3.5 GHz. VCO(More)
Elevated plasma homocysteine (Hcy) is considered to be a risk factor of coronary artery disease (CAD), although this is still controversially discussed. This study investigated the role of Hcy in young patients with CAD in southern China. A total of 146 consecutive patients (aged ≤ 55 years) with angiographically proven CAD were enrolled in the study and(More)