Z. H. Wen

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Excitatory amino acids (EAAs) are involved in the development of opioid tolerance. The present study reveals that an increasing of CSF EAAs concentration might be responsible for the losing of morphine's antinociceptive effect in morphine tolerant rats. Male Wistar rats were implanted with two intrathecal (i.t.) catheters and one microdialysis probe, then(More)
BACKGROUND Previous neuroimaging studies have provided evidence of structural and functional reorganization of brain in patients with chronic spinal cord injury (SCI). However, it remains unknown whether the spontaneous brain activity changes in acute SCI. In this study, we investigated intrinsic brain activity in acute SCI patients using a regional(More)
In this article, we first extend the superpopulation capture-recapture model to multiple states (locations or populations) for two age groups., Wen et al., (2011; 2013) developed a new approach combining capture-recapture data with population assignment information to estimate the relative contributions of in situ births and immigrants to the growth of a(More)
The relative contribution of in situ reproduction versus immigration to the recruitment process is important to ecologists. Here we consider a robust design superpopulation capture-recapture model for a population with two age classes augmented with population assignment data. We first use age information to estimate the entry probabilities of new animals(More)
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