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The Three Gorge Project (TGP) of China necessitates the resettlement of over 1 million population (mostly farmers) to more rugged and isolated areas than their original settlements. Soil erosion is a serious environmental and production problem in this area. To decrease the risk on environmental impacts, there is an increasing demand for sound, and readily(More)
Soil erosion poses a serious problem for sustainable agriculture and the environment. There is a need to develop a simple and practical approach for broad area mapping of soil erosion risk that uses the uncertain but available information as input data within the constraints of reasonable cost and time. In this work, a predictive approach for conducting(More)
This study was an attempt to analyse the regional environmental quality with the application of remote sensing, geographical information system, and spatial multiple criteria decision analysis and, to project a quantitative method applicable to identify the status of the regional environment of the study area. Using spatial multi-criteria evaluation (SMCE)(More)
This paper investigates the direct-drive linear switched reluctance generator for wave energy conversion. A double-sided linear switched reluctance generator is designed. Its nonlinear flux characteristics are simulated by finite element method. The excitation circuit of the linear switched reluctance generator is reviewed and the control algorithm for this(More)
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