Z. H. Chen

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In this paper, we consider controlling and anti-controlling Hopf bifurcations in discrete maps using feedback controller of polynomial functions. It is shown that such a polynomial feedback controller is easy to be implemented, which not only preserves the systemÕs equilibrium solutions, but also keeps the dimension of the system unchanged. Examples are(More)
SUMMARY Hybrid actuation systems consist of two types of motors: constant velocity (CV) motor and servo (SV) motor. The CV motor can produce a large power but with a poor task flexibility. On the other hand, the SV motor has an excellent task flexibility but with a small power capacity. Combination of these two types of motors into a coherent driver(More)
A self-excited system involving a van der Pol-type damping and a hysteretic damper representing restoring force is investigated in this paper. The influence of external force on the dynamic behavior of the hysteretic system is analyzed in detail. Numerical simulations show that, under an external force, the original hysteretic system can exhibit the(More)
We report on the interfacial magnetic coupling in manganite bilayers of collinear ferromagnetic La 0.7 Sr 0.3 MnO 3 and noncollinear multiferroic TbMnO 3. Exchange bias is observed at the Néel temperature of TbMnO 3 (,41 K) due to the onset of long-range antiferromagnetic ordering in the Mn spin sublattice. Interestingly, an anomalous plateau of exchange(More)
In this paper, the problem of implications of time delay feedback control of a two-dimensional supersonic lifting surface on the flutter boundary and on its character, that is, benign or catastrophic, is addressed. In this context, the structural and aerodynamic nonlinearities are included in the aeroelastic governing equations. The model and the associated(More)
Characterization of different component processes of photosynthesis is useful to understand the growth status of plants and to discover possible unintended effects of genetic modification on photosynthesis in transgenic plants. We focused on the changes in photosynthetic gas-exchange properties, reflectance spectra, and plant growth traits among groups of(More)
In this paper, we report the facile preparation of monodisperse titanium dioxide-diltiazem/tetrachlorobismuth core-shell nanospheres (TiO2@DTMBi), in which, diltiazem (DTM)/tetrachlorobismuth (BiCl4) complexes were employed as electroactive materials. The morphology, size, formation, and structure of the obtained TiO2@DTMBi spheres were investigated by(More)
ZnO/Zn(1-x)Pb(x)Se core-shell nanowires (NWs) have been synthesized by a solution based surface ion transfer method at various temperatures. The energy dispersive spectroscopic (EDS) mapping of single NWs suggests that the Zn, Pb and Se atoms are uniformly distributed in their shell layers. The ternary Zn(1-x)Pb(x)Se layers with tunable bandgaps extend the(More)
Semiconductor-sensitized solar cells (SSCs) are emerging as promising devices for achieving efficient and low-cost solar-energy conversion. The recent progress in the development of ZnO-nanostructure-based SSCs is reviewed here, and the key issues for their efficiency improvement, such as enhancing light harvesting and increasing carrier generation,(More)